What folks are saying about Singing Portraits 


“The app, Singing Portraits®, worked so well the duo went on to record an entire Christmas album.   The single, Pretty Please Mr Santa, received airplay in the US.   Abbie, now 7, said she still remembers her nan’s joy when she received her rendition of the Beatles song."

— Herald Sun

"You've never seen a grown man weep the way my husband did when we first heard Gracie's Singing Portrait® of Crocodile Rock.   Even her elder brothers, who are normally very cool towards their sister, added Gracie's portrait to their MP3 players, and proudly shared it with friends at school.   Singing Portraits® is gold!".

— Jules W.

"LARF!   Our daughers, Elora and Izzy, love this app.   They recorded songs for their grandparents and for my brother, who is stationed overseas, and had such a wonderful time.   The best part was when Elora began ignoring the prompts and sang Katy Perry instead!   We were going to wait to send them out for Mother's Day and Father's Day, but we just couldn't help but share them early."

— Leigh M., publisher of Speculative 66

“Listening to our 2.5 year old grandson singing Twinkle Twinkle & THEN he ‘rocked it’ with Jingle Bells,OMG ......hubby & I just sat there with big smiles & I actually had goose bumps.   I have been telling all my friend’s & the ones that live close will be sat down here to listen lol....Just can’t say enough about it, I smile evertime I think about Alexander singing for us :)" 

— Di K.

“I think this is one of the best things around.   My little granddaughter, Cassie, surprised us all with her Singing Portrait® of Michael Jackson's Heal The World.   Her father died of an illness not long after, so that recording has even greater meaning to all of us.   Every family has photos of their kids at various ages, now you can have their recorded voice to match the photo.   What a great gift to other Mums, Dads, Grandparents etc.   The list of songs available is extensive and growing.   CHECK IT OUT!"

— John S.

“The Singing Portraits® app allowing youngsters to record lines separately, rather than having to memorise a complete song, demonstrates a clear understanding of children's capabilities while providing a fun, interactive experience between the child and their carer.   Definitely deserves a wider, appreciative audience."

— Sonia E.



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